Festival essentials, you've got your glitter and sequin shorts, but don't forget the essentials!

Perfect items you really should have at a festival.

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Urinal funnel, allows the girles to pee while standing! If nothing else, you and your friends will h..


This is a must - the best item we have found for girlies who are camping.It's no just a little itsy ..


Amazing inflatable sofa!Perfect for festivalsNo tools requiredChill out, mong out ... and lots of ot..


OK, we're talking phones, texting, facebook, instagram, photos, playing tunes - all things us g..


 Just that ... a very cute pug poncho.#poncho #festivalponcho #pugponcho #lovepugsAnd we the En..


 Just that ... a very cute unicorn poncho.#poncho #festivalponcho #unicornponcho #loveunicorns&..


Does just that - keeps your phone dry and you do not want to find your phone covered in Vodka in the..

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