Festival Essentials List

We've collated a list of festival essentials - things you really don't want to be without. 

You can also purchase our 'Festival Kit' - we've done all the hard work for you and put together items you need, click here to purchase.


  • A cheap tent (unless your glamping and your tent is provided) - you may need to bin it at the end of the weekend. 

  • Small speakers to play your tunes through whilst hanging out in the campsite.

  • Baby Wipes - yep you need these for a full body wash, including your lady bits.

  • Duct Tape - This can be used for pretty much anything from mending a leaking tent, taping your boobs, to securing your pockets and mending a cracked phone!

  • Loo Roll

  • Cigs, alcohol (check limits given) and food - all will be available, but at a hefty price. You can't normally take alcohol and food into the venue, but whilst around your tent you can drink and eat to your hearts content.

  • Suncream - here's hoping you need it!

  • Sunglasses - for all those, do my eyes look big in this moment.

  • Condoms & Contraception

  • Hoodie and/or onsie

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and refillable water bottle.

  • Bin bags - for rubbish and to put your dirty/wet clothes in.

  • Towel

  • Mirror

  • Torch - I never use this, but have a light on my phone and its usually light when im heading home!

  • Lamp for tent

    Power Bank - extra life for your phone, yes it will run out, especially if your using it for piccies. 

  • Waterproof jacket / poncho

  • Wellies - hopefully you won't need them, but if it rains and you don't have them, you will not survive!

  • Your favourite snacks for munchies and chocolate fix.

  • Bottle Opener

  • Picnic blanket for chillin in the sun!

  • Your tickets and ID!