Festival Tips

You're maybe an experienced festival goer, but there's always things to learn. So with that in mind, we bring you our best festival tips.  

  1. With no rules, anything go's - so you can go to town with your glam and glitz festival attire. However, heels are a big no no - comfy shoes only.

  2. Leave all your expensive pieces of jewellery at home, I always replace with my festival bracelets and some inexpensive, yet glam accessories.

  3. Download a torch for your phone - I like iTorch Flashlight Ap.

  4. Save on phone life, by turning down your brightness, closing all your apps and turn off push notifications.

  5. Valuables and money in your sleeping bag.

  6. When you get there, find your way around, have a meeting point if you lose friends and get a list of set times - dont miss your favourite band, I have learnt this the hard way!

  7. Getting in early and picking a good camping spot - not near the loos or main walk way

  8. Flipflops - easy to put on if you need to nip to loo in the middle of the night, and for the glamping girlies, great to go to the showers.

  9. Don't lock your tent - looks like you have something worth nicking and makes you an ideal target.

  10. Check the specific festival for alcohol quanitites. You will not be able to take glass, so make sure you dispense that vodka into a plastic bottle - make sure you mark it as Vodka - trust me, not a nice experince brushing your teeth and swilling with what you think is water.

  11. Leave the long jumpsuit at home if you plan on using the loo's - naked in a revolting portaloo with the fabric draped on the floor is not good!


Safety at a Festival - courtesy of

Whilst most people are concerned with what the weather will be doing, what the facilities will be like, or where their favourite acts are playing, many forget about the rare but potentially gutting downside - theft.

Particularly with the larger festivals, stats show that last year heralded the highest theft rates yet, with on average 16% of festival goers being affected. According to Aviva, each festival goer brings along with them on average the equivalent of just shy of £1000. With festival goers taking along increasingly expensive electronics such as mobile phones and cameras to capture the festival moment, the more at risk they are from predatory thieves.

But have no fear! Below is some festival safety advice on how to keep your stuff safe at festivals this year.

Ten Safety Tips

  1. Never leave valuables unattended in tents or in cars

  2. Consider what you really need to take. Can you share who takes what among your friends?

  3. Do you really need to take an expensive watch?

  4. Only take out as much cash as you need

  5. Separate cash from cards and only take one bank/credit card if you can

  6. Make sure pockets or handbags have zipped openings to prevent belongings being snatched

  7. Don’t flash the cash or the expensive hi-tech gadgets, keep items in a zipped bag rather than a back pocket

  8. Keep belongings in the bottom of your sleeping bag at night

  9. Use the free lock-up areas provided by the festival organisers or ensure personal belongings are kept close and within sight

  10. Report anything lost or stolen to the police immediately and get a crime number that you can report to your insurance company