Why You Should go to a Music Festival?

That moment you are in your ‘happy’ place, nothing else matters, you want time to stand still, you want to experience this feeling forever!

Lights, sounds, people, outfits, drinks and new experiences! The world becomes a much brighter place, everything to fulfil your senses.

People go for different reasons, some to make new friends, some to spend time with their besties, some to get as near to that special artist as possible, some to hear the ultimate sound from your favourite DJ. Some like the freedom of camping and dancing in a field, some love the glitz and glamour, planning your outfits and covering yourself in glitter.

Some will enjoy chilling around the tent, some will be throwing their hands in the air, singing at the top of their lungs and bouncing at the front of the main stage.

Others will lose themselves, dancing in an intimate forest setting. Some will be glamping, having their hair and glitter done whilst sipping on champagne, hoping to get a glimpse of their favourite celeb.

Some prefer to enjoy the comedy, magic, burlesque, yoga or enjoying some other quirky party tent. And some will be buzzing around the hub of the street food, beer and boutique stands around the venue, or just simply sitting and taking in the sights of stilt walkers, professional dancers and hula hoopers.
And yes, some will have completely lost their mind; throwing themselves around an extreme fair ride or simply rolling around in the mud.

Whichever way you roll, there is something for everyone. And the lovely thing is, the vibe is a happy one for all, a feeling of one huge house party and totally infectious!

There’s a massive array of music genre to choose from including Indie, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Rock, Rap, Folk, Funk, Garage, Pop; to name just a few. You can pick a one day festival or if you really want to go for it, go large and book a non-stop multiday party bender.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, go international! Choose from a Winter festival in the snow with après-ski sets and live DJ performances or a Beach Island festival, raving in your bikini under starlit beaches and drinking cocktails on a boat party... the choice really is endless.

There’s also a huge choice of festival styles, so dependent on your age, you can choose from a strict over 18 policy, or a family friendly gig and take the kiddies. Select a massive festival gathering where you have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of music and discover some new bands. Or go boutique – a smaller, more intimate festival, following a specific genre or era of music.

Festivals are now running throughout most of the year, so you can pick whether you go for a summer weekender, dancing in the sunshine (hopefully!). Or during the cooler months, where the party takes things indoors and into a slightly more intimate setting. 

The best time to buy your ticket is now, decide where you want to go early and take advantage of early bird ticket offers. The prices will only go up!  A lot of festival organisers offer part payment and payment plans. So, it makes getting your tickets not as painful. We particularly like the Festicket Web site, it’s a very clean site, offering info on tons of festivals. You can also search by artist, music type and location which will help you find your perfect festival.

It’s a time to be who you want, wear what you want, dance how you want, let your hair down and have a ball.  There’s one thing for sure, however you decide to party, you’ll never forget your experience and the memories you will make.

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