Little Miss Festival Featured in 123-reg - Why it's so important to have a secure server

Little Miss Festival has been featured in 123-reg website providing information in regards to how important it is to have a secure web site.

We want our customers to feel 100% safe when using our shopping service.

Johanna Hooper, owner of Little Miss Festival stated in the interview; "I use the 123 Reg SSL Certificate on my site for customers using and managing their account, and making any purchases online."

“Because 90% of my business is done online, the SSL Certificate is key for customers to feel that they’re safe, their data is safe when they are purchasing online. They’re transferring all that information over the web, it has to be secure.”

“If we didn’t have it installed on the website, I think we would get some sales but I think that because my audience is quite young, they are quite computer savvy. They want the security there.”

We take our security seriously - you can shop with us safely.

View the entire interview here.

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